Darkened Cities

I found these photographs of cityscapes solely lit by moon and starlight haunting and eerie but also incredibly beautiful. Thierry Cohen’s Darkened Cities is a way for the viewer to imagine cities without light pollution, and what they would look like under a clear night sky, which is impossible today (aside from a blackout). Cohen has … More Darkened Cities

My City: The Camp

In “My City,” as a way to experience and enjoy more of where I live, I will share new and interesting places, restaurants, things to do, etc. as well as some of my tried and true favorites in Orange County and Southern California. Up today is one of my favorite “malls”.  The Camp is an … More My City: The Camp

Headed to Yosemite

The next stop on my national park tour is Yosemite National Park, with a plan to drive through King’s Canyon and Sequoia National Parks on the way home. I’ll be staying with long-time family friends who now live right outside the park in Mariposa, CA. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Yosemite and I’m … More Headed to Yosemite