Fitness Friday

For quite some time, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of competing in a triathlon. Don’t get me wrong, I am not crazy enough to think I could ever complete an Iron Man; I have always been in awe of the people who have the drive and strength to finish one. To be honest, I … More Fitness Friday

Minimalism Challenge

Despite keeping my apartment neat and being somewhat cheap with my money (haha), I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a minimalist. I have way too many shoes and clothes, watch entirely too many tv shows, follow too many people on Instagram and listen to too many podcasts. I check Facebook every single day. And I wouldn’t … More Minimalism Challenge

Fitness Friday

Every New Year I make a resolution to exercise, specifically strength training, more consistently so that eventually I can have six (or even four?) pack abs. I have never felt confident enough to purchase a gym membership. I fear that I probably wouldn’t end up using it and the money would be a waste. That’s … More Fitness Friday

Girls At Library

I recently stumbled upon Girls at Library (GAL), a website created by Payton Turner and Eliza Wexelman in 2015, as a thoughtfully curated archive of girls and women who are passionate about books. GAL “invites the exchange of ideas, perspectives, and emotions that underscore what makes reading such a universal pursuit. The books one reads … More Girls At Library

Fitness Friday

Welcome to the first monthly installment of Fitness Friday. Since I’m a Physical Therapist, I already have some background in exercise physiology so I wanted to try something new that would not only help people but would push me to expand my knowledge. First up, I will be discussing walking as a form of exercise! … More Fitness Friday

Asperger’s Are Us

I recently watched this documentary, Asperger’s Are Us. As most people know, I have a personal connection to Asperger’s Syndrome, as my brother was diagnosed when he was 21 years old. And I loved watching this movie, which I believe helped shine a different light on Asperger’s, the side that I often see in my … More Asperger’s Are Us