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Happy Father’s Day

I've always been a "daddy's girl" ever since I was very young. The youngest of three kids (my parents call me a "pleasant surprise"), I was close to my dad from as far back as I can remember. From holding my hand when I was scared, coaching me in many different sports and cheering me… Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

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Ten Questions to Ask Your Mother

I've always been close to my mom. As the youngest of three, she kept me with her at all times until that day at 3 years old when she left me for the first time at preschool. I actually have foggy memories of that day; I remember painting and crying, playing with toys and crying,… Continue reading Ten Questions to Ask Your Mother

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My City: Mission San Juan Capistrano

In "My City," as a way to experience and enjoy more of where I live, I will share new and interesting places, restaurants, things to do, etc. as well as some of my tried and true favorites in Orange County and Southern California. Today, the Mission San Juan Capistrano.  It has been years since I… Continue reading My City: Mission San Juan Capistrano

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A Santa’s Village Tale

When I heard that the Santa's Village near Lake Arrowhead was reopening after 20 years, I knew that I wanted to make a trip up there before Christmas. Emily, Jeremy, and I took Lorelei on their grand opening weekend with the hope of enjoying some actual winter weather, drinking hot chocolate, having Lorelei sit on… Continue reading A Santa’s Village Tale

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Christmas in California

Growing up on the East Coast, Christmas was a time for snow and cold weather, hot chocolate, sledding and building snowmen, scarves and sitting by the fire. It's exactly what you see in all the Christmas movies. So moving to California was an interesting change, especially around the holidays. For the first two years here,… Continue reading Christmas in California