Do You Collect Things When You Travel?

IMG_1892While I’ve never been a big traveler, I have taken many trips in my lifetime. And on those trips, I’ve come home with lots of different souvenirs and trinkets; something to remember my trip by. There were keychains, some t-shirts, a few magnets, among others. But it wasn’t until this past year when I made a list of the places I would visit before I left California that I thought it would be fun to find one type of souvenir to bring home from my travels. The kitschier the better! I thought about mugs but they seemed too bulky (and I usually use the same mug every morning anyways); I knew that I probably wouldn’t wear any t-shirt souvenirs and they are more expensive; I thought of candles or local beers or wines but you might not be able to find those everywhere and then I wouldn’t have the souvenir anymore.

I finally landed on magnets. It was perfect; magnets are small and inexpensive, and you can find them everywhere. And nowadays, there are so many different options it’s easy to find something truly different, even if they are mass-produced. The magnets I have found are all unique and interesting, and representative of the location in some way. Plus, I see them every time I open the fridge and it often brings back memories, even if just for a second.


I’ve kept up this tradition for the past year and a half, and while it is still new I hope to continue beyond. Maybe someday my whole fridge will be covered. 🙂

Do you have a collection of specific souvenirs from your travels?


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