Minimalism Challenge


Despite keeping my apartment neat and being somewhat cheap with my money (haha), I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a minimalist. I have way too many shoes and clothes, watch entirely too many tv shows, follow too many people on Instagram and listen to too many podcasts. I check Facebook every single day. And I wouldn’t know what to do without my phone.

When I saw thisΒ 30-day minimalism challenge online, I was intrigued. Not only by its concept, but also some of the challenges created a whole new perception of what minimalism could be. It does have challenges to declutter your social media and spend a day not watching tv but also has challenges to practice single-tasking, go bare-faced, and evaluate your commitments. I like that the main goals are focused on minimizing your life.



I’m excited to try out this challenge but am totally prepared that some of them will be extremely difficult for me. Hoping to start in August!

Would you try something like this?


(minimalism challenge via Anuschka Rees)


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