Mariposa Coffee Company


On my recent trip to Yosemite, I stayed with family friends in their home in Mariposa, CA. After a long hike on Saturday, we spent Sunday morning exploring small “downtown” Mariposa, with a quick stop to pick up coffee beans on the way back to the house. There will be a longer post on the rest of my trip soon but as a big coffee drinker, this was a fun stop and I thought deserved a post of its own.


Mariposa Coffee Company, started 23 years ago, feels like an old-fashioned shop with rocking chairs and a swinging bench in the front yard giving it a homey vibe. You can walk around the store, looking in on his workshop where the coffee is made. Using Arabica beans from growers around the world, Gerry (the owner) then roasts and spins the beans by hand whereby he is able to create the unique flavor they are known for. Gerry says, “In a world of shortcuts and quick fixes, we slow things down, modeling our process after a time when coffee roasting wasn’t merely a means to an end, but an art form.” If you stop by at the right time, you may even get the chance to see Gerry at work.


Their signature blends with names like, Yosemite Dark, Wawona Hotel, the 49er Blend, and Mariposa Morning, pay homage to where they come from. I can personally attest to how delicious the 49er blend is. You can even try some of their wilder, more interesting flavors, like Chocolate Raspberry, Irish Cream, Toasted Coconut, Mariposa Honey, or Snickerdoodle (!). I decided to be a little different and bought a half pound of their Cinnamon Swirl blend. I usually sprinkle cinnamon over my coffee before adding the water to the french press, so this allows me to skip that step. He ground the coffee beans to my specifications after he scooped the exact amount into a personalized bag.


Their coffee is located in lots of grocery stores and shops in Northern California but unfortunately hasn’t made it down this way yet. Luckily, you can buy their coffee online and at only $10 a pound it’s not a bad deal for good, handmade coffee.


Mariposa Coffee Company/2045 Hwy 49/Mariposa, CA 95338


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