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My City: Back Bay


In “My City,” as a way to experience and enjoy more of where I live, I will share new and interesting places, restaurants, things to do, etc. as well as some of my tried and true favorites in Orange County and Southern California. Up today, Newport Beach’s Back Bay. 

The Back Bay, also known as the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and Ecological Reserve, is an area of 1,000 acres of wetlands in Newport Beach. While some people go for the diverse wildlife, including 35,000 migratory birds, lots more go for the hiking trails that surround the entire Back Bay; and kayaking and paddleboarding in the waterway that leads out to the Pacific Ocean. Besides bird watching, people can ride horses on the trail from a stable at the edge of the preserve and many people prefer to bike the 12-mile loop. The Newport Back Bay Science Center provides education through lectures and activities, some focused towards a younger crowd, on the marine biology in the area.


Some days I head up to the Back Bay (only a five minute drive from my apartment) after work or on an early morning and hike a 3-4 mile portion of the trail. No matter which way I walk, there are beautiful views. Dogs are allowed so it’s nice that I get to bring Scout with me. 🙂


And it doesn’t hurt that there are always killer sunsets in the Back Bay.


Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve/2301 University Drive/Newport Beach, CA 92660


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