In the United States, people are either cat people or dog people (sometimes both, like me) but in Istanbul, Turkey, everyone is a cat person. Cats are a huge part of the life of the city.

“Hundreds of thousands of Turkish cats roam the metropolis of Istanbul freely. For thousands of years they’ve wandered in and out of people’s lives, becoming an essential part of the communities that make the city so rich. Claiming no owners, the cats of Istanbul live between two worlds, neither wild nor tame- and they bring joy and purpose to those people they choose to adopt. In Istanbul, cats are the mirrors to the people, allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could.”

As a native of Istanbul, filmmaker Ceyda Torun wanted to pay tribute to the cats of Istanbul, who are as much an integral part of the city as its history. Ceyda believed his “childhood was infinitely less lonesome than it would have been if it weren’t for cats.” Everyone seems to have a story about a cat that touched their life. Kedi is his love letter to those cats.

As a huge animal lover, I am in love with this. It feels so magical.


Watch the trailer above. Kedi is not available to rent at this time but check the websiteย for screening times/dates across the country. And you can pre-order the film (or just wait until it is available on Amazon).

(both images are screenshots from the film)


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