My Favorite Instagrams; Celebrity Edition

Instagram is by far the social media that I enjoy most; it allows people to stay connected but I find that it’s managed to continue to be mostly whimsical and fun, unlike Facebook or Twitter. Just like most things, I follow entirely too many Instagram accounts. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Instagrammers, based on category, in case anyone is interested in finding something new and fun to follow. Today, a few of my favorite Instagrams featuring celebrities. 

It shouldn’t be too shocking that all of my favorite celebrity Instagrams all happen to be female celebrities. Most importantly, besides being celebrities, they are powerful, creative, and empowering women using their status to help make change. Below are five of my favorite (female) celebrity Instagrams.

IMG_0703@lenadunham: I’ve always been a huge fan of Girls and of Lena’s work (and Lena in general); she marches to her own drum and doesn’t care what other people think. She’s also an incredibly smart, funny, and talented woman and all of that shows on her Instagram feed, as much as her quirky side. I admire her lack of fear in sharing some of the more private parts of her life in order to raise awareness.

IMG_0706@mingey: Amanda Seyfried’s dog, Finn, is probably just as famous as she is. While not all of her Instagram has pictures of her dog, a good chunk of it does. But I also admire that she uses her feed to be an advocate for adopting shelter animals and to spread the word. Plus, it’s pretty awesome that she doesn’t partake in the typical Hollywood lifestyle and lives on a farm. As an animal lover myself, I can totally appreciate that.

IMG_0704@mindykaling: As a Massachusetts girl and a star on one of my all-time favorite shows (The Office), I enjoy following Mindy’s Instagram. From the photos of the beautiful clothes from her show to pictures from her current set of The Mindy Project, and some inside photos of some of the not-so-glamourous parts of her life, it’s a fun sneak peek into the real Mindy (who appears to be nothing like her characters).

IMG_0707@laurenconrad: While I was definitely a fan of The Hills way back when, I continue to follow Lauren Conrad’s Instagram because of its beautiful pictures. With lots of pastels and flowers and delicious-looking food, every photo is thoughtful and feels care-free.

IMG_1007@americaferrera: America Ferrera seems like such a cool woman in her “real” life. I love seeing her posts about training for triathlons, pictures with former castmates from the shows and movies I loved her in, photos with some other badass women, as well as her passion and devotion to making this country a better place.


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