My Favorite Instagrams; Fashion Edition

Instagram is by far the social media that I enjoy most; it allows people to stay connected but I find that it’s managed to continue to be mostly whimsical and fun, unlike Facebook or Twitter. Just like most things, I follow entirely too many Instagram accounts. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Instagrammers, based on category, in case anyone is interested in finding something new and fun to follow. Today, a few of my favorite fashion-focused Instagrams. 

I wouldn’t say that I am the most fashion-forward person, but I do appreciate good style. I read all of the blogs by these three women but I like following their Instagrams for pictures of their latest ensembles to use for tips and inspiration. Also, they are just beautiful photos.


@extrapetite: As a Bostonian, Jean Wang exemplifies the preppy chic that is seemingly unique of Boston, and more largely, New England fashion (besides all of the people wearing yoga pants everywhere; it is a college town afterall). She dresses the way that I wish I dressed on a daily basis, which is so far from Southern California vibes. Who says Boston is the worst dressed city? 🙂 See her blog here.


@stylescrapbook: Andy Torres, a native of Mexico, now living in Amsterdam has created somewhat of a fashion empire with Style Scrapbook. I don’t think I could ever recreate her somewhat daring looks (if only because she wears mostly designer clothing) but I definitely appreciate her style. She also has a jet-setter lifestyle and it’s fun to keep up with her travels on her Instagram. Andy’s blog here.


@wendyslookbook: I believe that Wendy Nguyen, who is originally from California but just moved to New York City, has probably never worn yoga pants in public in her life. She is always so put together and wears some beautifully made pieces. Again, I could never afford her clothes (some of her outfits all added together are worth over $1000; don’t get me started on the prices of fashion) but I enjoy seeing her picture stories on her blog and her Instagram with the city as her background. See Wendy’s blog. Also, she has a really cute cat who makes occasional appearances.


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