Palm Springs


In January, my friend Sam and I took a girls trip to Palm Springs. I hadn’t been to Palm Springs in a few years and had never actually stayed in one of the many resort hotels. After finding an amazing Groupon deal for the Saguaro (also known as the rainbow hotel), we decided to book a one night stay.

The weekend we went ended up not being all that warm or sunny but we had a good time nonetheless. It is Palm Springs after all.


The Saguaro is such a cool hotel, painted rainbow colors on the outside as well as all the individual rooms. Our room faced the pool, where music was playing most of the day. I imagine this hotel gets pretty crazy during the summer months, like a non-stop party. The colors, the whimsical decorations, and the fun atmosphere of the pool are all classically Palm Springs and make for a fun stay. It doesn’t hurt that the backdrop of the mountains in the distance with the colorful hotel in the foreground creates a breathtaking view.

IMG_0568IMG_9632IMG_0572After we got settled, we drove down to downtown Palm Springs, passing by a small women’s march gathering. We weren’t expecting there to be a march in Palm Springs so we weren’t adequately prepared. It wasn’t part of our plan for the afternoon either. So after stopping for the first drink of the day along with some nachos to hold us over until dinner, we explored the shopsΒ on Palm Canyon Drive. I picked up some souvenirs for family and myself (I’m starting a magnet collection; the one thing I must pick up on trips), as well as some new clothes in one of the cute one-of-a-kind shops. There was also a bike road race happening that weekend and most of the main road was blocked for only pedestrian traffic.


so much color in Palm Springs!

We headed back to the hotel to relax before dinner and sat by the pool to read. Although, it was still January and the sun set around 4, making the air much cooler and driving us inside. The pool would be fun to sit by in warmer weather, with a poolside bar, hammocks, bocce and other games, and lots of lounge chairs.


The hotel’s bar/restaurant, El Jefe, was the perfect place to begin our night. The tequila bar is known for its margaritas. Sam tried the hibiscus margarita while I tried their namesake El Jefe margarita. Both were such fun and interesting takes on a basic margarita. After befriending the bartender, he gave us each a sample of a new drink he had mixed up. We didn’t quite get the ingredients from him. But since we knew we were going to take an Uber to dinner, we decided to have a little fun and have the second drink. Really living it up! Quick tip: Palm Springs has a free trolleyΒ that stops at all the major hotels and resorts and is a quick and easy way to get to the downtown area without worrying about parking (or needing a DD).


We ate dinner at a small, authentically Italian restaurant on Palm Canyon Drive. Sam and I were both so hungry, I didn’t bother to write down the name of the restaurant and what we ate or take any pictures. I do remember that we ate lots of delicious pasta and drank some good wine. We were also so overly full after dinner that we didn’t feel much like partying or going to another bar and after walking around for a while headed back to the hotel. Again, we were really living it up this weekend! πŸ™‚


Before checking out of the hotel, we stopped at El Jefe for breakfast. The menu had the typical breakfast classics, all with a twist. Sam got the breakfast sandwich, made with goat cheese, quince jam, arugula, and fried eggs. And I got the avocado benedict, made with a brioche bun instead of an English muffin and an avocado spread. The food was just as delicious as it sounded. If you are in Palm Springs, I would recommend trying this place even if you aren’t staying at the hotel. I already want to go back to try something else on the menu. πŸ™‚


With a rainy and chilly forecast for the rest of the day, we checked out of the hotel and drove to the Palm Springs Art Museum. If it wasn’t a rainy day, I imagine we wouldn’t have found our way there but I’m so glad we did. The entire top floor was home to some very interesting modern pieces. And there was a special exhibit on glass artwork, with a couple pieces by Chihuly (who I first saw at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston).


Before heading back on the road, we stopped and got shakes at Great Shakes in town. So yummy!


As most people have heard, California has gotten an unusual amount of rain this winter. And unfortunately, when it rains in California it tends to rain very hard and all at once. We knew there was lots of rain forecasted the day we drove home. I felt bad for Sam who was driving. Almost the entire two-hour drive was what we would call a “white knuckle” drive, going only about 35-40 mph on the freeway at times.


Despite not having the best weather, it was such a fun and relaxing girls weekend away. I haven’t spent nearly as much time in Palm Springs as I would like to and there is so much more to do there. Sam and I have already talked about a return trip to explore some of the hiking in the area as well as go up the tram, and maybe stay up long enough to enjoy some of the nightlife. πŸ™‚



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