My Favorite Instagrams; Comedy Edition

Instagram is by far the social media that I enjoy most; it allows people to stay connected but I find that it’s managed to continue to be mostly whimsical and fun, unlike Facebook or Twitter. Just like most things, I follow entirely too many Instagram accounts. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Instagrammers, based on category, in case anyone is interested in finding something new and fun to follow. Today, a few Instagrams that make me laugh.

Sometimes when I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, it’s nice to come across a picture where its only purpose is to be silly. Not all of these Instagrams are laugh out loud funny but they always make me smile.

img_0360@museumofselfies: This Instagram is a compilation of characters in artwork or statues in museums “taking” their own picture. Of course it’s a trick of the camera but makes for some classic selfies.

img_0359@overheardla: It’s so hard for me to explain to friends and family on the East Coast why the people in Southern California are different. This Instagram sums it up perfectly. It captures the essence of LA as well as Orange County where I live. Most of these comments are just ridiculous but that’s what makes them so great.


img_0361@chillwildlife: This Instagram may not have the most beautiful portraits but the photos and sometime videos of cats, dogs, and other wildlife are always funny cute. The pictures capture the strange but adorable things that animals do.


img_0362@gemmacorrell: Gemma Correll is a British illustrator whose cartoonish drawings are consistently funny and weirdly relatable. She is very creative and adores her pugs, who often make appearances in her art. She also struggles with anxiety issues and I love how she uses humor to make light of that, and just accepts it as part of her life.



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