Gold Jewelry

fullsizerender-2Like most teenage girls, when I was younger I was partial to silver jewelry and thought gold jewelry was “old”. I continued to wear mostly silver (although stopped thinking it was old) for most of my adult life so far. Lately though, I’ve been more drawn to thin, simple gold jewelry. I’m not quite sure when my mindset changed but gold jewelry went from being “old” to feeling mature (in a good way).

It started when my parents gave me my late grandmother’s gold ring with diamonds and emeralds. I learned later that the ring was actually a 25th wedding anniversary gift from my grandfather to my Nana (I never noticed the inscription on the inside of the ring). I began wearing it initially because of its sentimental value but have since begun to love its look.

And just recently, for Valentine’s Day, my parents sent me (although I suspect it was my Mom’s doing) a gold necklace with a round pendant. On one side of the pendant are the latitude and longitude coordinates for Boston. The simplicity of the necklace combined with the nostalgia that it evokes has quickly made it my favorite piece of jewelry.

Do you wear silver or gold jewelry, or both? I used to think that you could only wear one or the other but I’m experimenting with wearing them together. And I’m excited to start expanding my jewelry collection to include more of these types of pieces.


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