My Favorite Instagrams; Animal Edition

Instagram is by far the social media that I enjoy most; it allows people to stay connected but I find that it’s managed to continue to be mostly whimsical and fun, unlike Facebook or Twitter. Just like most things, I follow entirely too many Instagram accounts. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Instagrammers, based on category, in case anyone is interested in finding something new and fun to follow. First up, Instagrams that feature animals!

As I was scrolling through my feed the other day, I noted how most of the pictures and videos had animals in them. That’s probably far from true but I do follow an unusual amount of Instagrams that feature solely animals. Which shouldn’t be all that surprising since anyone who knows me knows that I am a huge animal lover (I even wanted to be a vet when I was younger but couldn’t stand the thought of having to put animals to sleep :/). I hope you love these as much as I do!

Enjoy the cuteness!

img_0018@harlowandsage: Harlow, Indiana, and Reese are the dogs that make up @harlowandsage (Sage is no longer with us). And I am always amazed at how affectionate these dogs are with each other. They post some of the cutest “dogs snuggling” pictures I have ever seen.

img_0016@thiswildidea: Theron Humphrey is a photographer who lives in Nashville and although this is his personal account, (almost) every picture includes his dog, Maddie. We were first introduced to Maddie through his Tumblr, Maddie the Coonhound, after he discovered that she had an unusual knack for balancing on top of narrow objects. His Instagram mostly focuses on his daily life with Maddie, and she looks like such a sweet dog.

img_0015@the_crew_bobino: This Instagram account is named after the cat, Bobino, and features her Sheltie siblings, Fiona and Max. These animals are so well-trained; a lot of their pictures are taken outside, including with the cat, without any leashes. The videos of Bobino interacting with the dogs are fun too.

img_0017@wolfgang2242: Steve of @wolfgang2242 (I don’t know his last name) is known for adopting senior dogs, and a menagerie of other animals that need homes. He also has a pig named Bikini, who he describes as having the attitude of a teenager. Not only do I love the fact that he adopts the most unwanted dogs from shelters, but his pictures and videos are always enjoyable.

img_0019@thedogist: The Dogist is actually one of my overall favorite Instagram accounts. It was one of the first accounts I started following that wasn’t friends or family and I remember spending a good two hours looking at and “loving” all of the pictures. This photographer goes around New York (and where ever he travels) taking pictures of dogs. Or maybe I should say portraits. They are all beautiful photos that highlight the dogs’ different personalities.


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