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A Song that Can Reduce Anxiety?

It’s no secret that I have had struggles with differing levels of anxiety (see this post) and newer studies have shown that younger people, specifically Generation Y or Millenials, have higher levels of anxiety than older generations. One of the theories discussed in this short article is that the increase in technology, especially with this generation, is a major cause for the increased amount of anxiety. With so many different types of social media, from Twitter and Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, the amount of information can be overwhelming. We are constantly being bombarded with celebrities’ lavish lifestyles, our friends’ travels, differing and sometimes divisive political posts, and hundreds of cute baby/animal pictures or videos.

I know that I have felt this way, especially this past year and more recently with all the controversy over some major political issues. Social media is a way to stay informed on a surface level but sometimes it can be a bit much. Many times I have said that I was considering deleting my Facebook account in order to avoid the stress that comes with reading my news feed on a daily basis. It can be particularly hard to decipher between what is real and what is fake news.

Researchers at Mindlab International in the United Kingdom collaborated with the band Marconi Union and sound therapists to create “Weightless”, which they found reduced people’s anxiety levels by up to 65 percent. Some participants in the study even found themselves getting drowsy. I haven’t listened to the whole song (it’s 8 minutes long) but what I heard is certainly interesting and not what I expected. I’m curious to see if it will work when I’m feeling anxious. Listen for yourself below.


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