The New Podcast I Can’t Get Enough Of


I’ve always been fascinated with murder stories, which until recently I didn’t express to most family and friends. That is until I started listening to My Favorite Murder. I thought that I had a weird fascination, but these two women are obsessed. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are two women living in LA, who became friends over their obsession with murder. Once they realized there are other people out there like them, they decided to create a podcast. In comes My Favorite Murder, which to its core is a comedic podcast, where they happen to talk about murders, famous and otherwise. Each episode, they tell each other their favorite murder that week and share listeners’ hometown murder stories. I not only find the stories fascinating but also find myself laughing out loud every episode. Which is also why as a young woman who lives alone, I can listen to this podcast without feeling terrified at night. I have to admit that I’m definitely a Murderino (if you listen, that will make more sense) and it’s cool to know there are lots more out there! If you at all have the slightest interest in murder stories, then you must check this out. And if you now think that I’m weird and creepy, then please disregard this post. πŸ™‚

As they say, stay sexy, and don’t get murdered.Β β™₯

Some of my favorite episodes: Blood Murder Sixteen Magik, Making a Twenty-Thirderer, The F*ck Word Murder Mystery Show, Namaste Sexy, Live From LA Podcast Festival 2016

(Oh yeah, they say the F-word a lot…)

You can download and subscribe through Podcasts on your phone or on Feral Audio. And their Facebook page.

one of their best pieces of advice

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