My City


In “My City,” as a way to experience and enjoy more of where I live, I will share new and interesting places, restaurants, things to do, etc. as well as some of my tried and true favorites in Orange County and Southern California. First up is SOCIAL.


I drove by SOCIAL countless times when I was still living with Emily and Jeremy in Newport Beach. Located in Costa Mesa, near Triangle Square, its large, bright sign always caught my attention. The new-American style restaurant also offers fun and unique cocktails and their food is all served tapas-style. SOCIAL also prides itself on using the freshest ingredients found right in California. And the space itself has a relaxed, homey atmosphere.


A friend and I went for an after-work drink during their SOCIAL hour and decided to try a couple of small plates to go with our Moscow mule and Paloma. The grilled cheese with bacon and pimento was an obvious choice but the roasted cauliflower with capers, chili flakes, almonds, and Meyer lemon relish was different. Not something I would have normally chosen but it was delicious. The flavors in the two plates were intriguing, as well as being original.


I’m excited to return and try more of their dishes. It doesn’t hurt that they have a Sunday brunch too. 🙂

SOCIAL Costa Mesa/512 W 19th Street/Costa Mesa, CA 92627





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