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What’s Your Personality Type?

Have you ever taken a personality test? I’ve taken a few online in the past but none were as accurate as this test I took recently. The website delves deep into the world of personality traits generally, as well as describing specific types of personalities. The test utilizes two psychological theories to create the different personality types; Carl Jung’s theory of Introversion and Extraversion, and Katharine Briggs’Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.


I, of course, have seen the Myers-Briggs description of personalities before but never really knew what they meant. According to the test, I am an ISFJ, or “Defender.” ISFJ means I am Introverted, Observant, Feeling, and Judging. On the surface, this sounds like me but I could not believe how specifically this personality type described me. For example, this one line hits the nail on the head: “Defender personalities (especially Turbulent ones) are often meticulous to the point of perfectionism, and though they procrastinate, they can always be relied on to get the job done on time.” And this, “Naturally social, an odd quality for Introverts, Defenders utilize excellent memories not to retain data and trivia, but to remember people, and details about their lives.” Also, it’s nice to think that I’m in the company of other Defenders like Beyonce, Queen Elizabeth II, Pam Beesly, and Samwise Gamgee. 🙂

While it’s interesting to read about your personality type and relate to the accurate descriptions, one of the website’s goals is to educate people on some of the more negative qualities (or weaknesses) so they can thrive and mature, whether it’s as a parent, in romantic relationships, or in their work environment.

The test itself only requires about 10-15 minutes to take. If you are at all curious what your personality type is, it’s worth it. The website has pages upon pages of information that I won’t go into here, but it’s fascinating.

If you took the test, what personality type are you? Does it describe you accurately? I’m curious to know if it worked as well for others.


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