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Christmas 2016

This Christmas was quiet with a few small gatherings, but it was nice to spend the day with family and to watch Lorelei experience her first Christmas. I hope you will indulge me as I share some photos from this year. (I apologize but most of the pictures are of Lorelei opening her gifts :))

Christmas Eve


Lorelei opened a few gifts, including The Little Blue Truck’s Christmas story. She loves the other two books in the series. And, as is tradition, we all wore matching pajamas. πŸ™‚


Once Lorelei was in bed, Jeremy, Emily, and I sat down to a wonderful and filling meal of prime rib, homemade rolls, potato au gratin, and green beans with almonds. It was delicious. We found it funny that we were sitting down to such a beautifully set table in our matching PJs.


Christmas Day


Lorelei enjoyed the tape that held the wrapping paper together more than her gifts. Typical one-year-old.


We spent the morning opening presents before heading over to Christmas lunch at Jeremy’s grandmother’s house with his family. Lorelei of course received even more gifts there.

We enjoyed Christmas dinner over at Uncle Bobby and Chris’ house with Chris’ parents, cousins Owen, Charlie, and Aidan (who had flown in from flight school for Christmas), and Aidan’s girlfriend, Charisa. I unfortunately didn’t take any pictures there.



My parents and brother flew in from Boston the night after Christmas so we had a second Christmas celebration on Tuesday night, exchanging gifts and making a big mess of the living room. Last year, we didn’t get a chance to have an official Christmas with our parents and Luke so it was nice to be able to do that this year.



Again with the bow
Scout loves being in the middle of the action.

Hope you enjoyed and that everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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