Happy 1st Birthday Lorelei!

This past year has flown by. I cannot believe that Lorelei is already turning one year old. I still remember being at work, leaving as quickly as I could to go meet my new niece. Ever since Emily got married, I (somewhat) jokingly kept asking her when they were going to have a baby. I couldn’t wait to be an aunt.


I’ve had lots of babysitting experience and have always loved babies, but I never thought I could love a tiny human quite so much. She was definitely the cutest baby I’d ever seen, not that I’m biased or anything.

It’s been so much fun watching her grow, in size and personality, as well as seeing her develop new skills. She is so close to walking, standing on her own for a couple seconds before getting nervous or losing her balance. She loves reading books and will hand you the same book over and over to read. She loves climbing on and off people and up the stairs. She most recently has learned how to wave and likes to pet the dogs when they get close enough to her. She babbles constantly and we are convinced she is saying full sentences :). She mimics different facial expressions and noises, like the time she copied my fake sneezes and thought it was the funniest thing.


I could go on and on. She is pretty much perfect in my eyes. But more than anything, I love that she knows who I am. That she gets a big smile on her face when she sees me and that she reaches for me when she wants to be held. I’m so happy that she and I have been able to develop a strong bond in just a short amount of time and I hope that that will only continue to grow as she gets older.

Happy first birthday love! Can’t wait to celebrate many more. Love, Auntie Rachel

It was hard to pick just a few pictures (so there are more than a few shown) but here are some photos highlighting Lorelei’s growth in the past year. Enjoy the cuteness!



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