My 5 Favorite Christmas Movies

One of my favorite traditions of the holiday season is watching Christmas movies. They are that much more special because I only watch them once a year. Even if I just have something from the 25 Days of Christmas on in the background. However, there are certain movies that make me nostalgic for my childhood Christmases. These are listed in no particular order.Β 

The Santa Clause: Probably not the best movie of all time but it was the first Christmas movie that I can recall ever watching. The idea that anyone could become Santa was amazing to my 5-year-old self. It made Santa feel even more real.

Miracle on 34th Street: I prefer the 1990s version of this movie, although I can’t say that I’ve ever seen the 1940s film. I originally loved this movie because Matilda was in it but I’ve continued to enjoy watching it as I’ve gotten older (ahem, Dylan McDermott). But seriously, it’s a sweet movie and its message is timeless. That just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there. (I remember thinking as I got older that this logic was airtight and that Santa had to exist.)


Little Women: I’m not sure if this would technically be considered a Christmas movie but I always watch it around this time of year. This is one of my favorite stories and I never tire of it. It doesn’t hurt that it takes place in a small town in Massachusetts. When I was a kid, the winter scenes in the movie felt so magical to me. I would have loved to live during that time. Side note: now that I know more about life in the 1800s, I realize how ridiculous that sounds.

Home Alone: This is the overall classic Christmas movie, at least for my generation. I don’t think there is much else to say. πŸ™‚

Elf: I would be shocked if I ever met a person who doesn’t like this movie. It’s perfectly ridiculous and funny, but you can’t help loving how innocent and endearing Buddy is. “SAAAANTTTAAAAA!”

Bonus: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: I added this movie as a bonus and not to my main list, mostly because I watched this movie for the first time only 2 years ago. I was at a friend’s house watching it with a group of people and they were giving this one guy a hard time for having never seen the movie (he was Jewish so everyone gave him a pass) but I didn’t have the guts to say that I had never seen it. So I pretended to know the storyline the whole time haha. It seems so silly now.



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